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Issue XVI focuses on racial identity. Julianna Meneses, Angeni Lieben, and Skylar Wolff share their perspectives on racial identity in this issue. We also feature the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Issue XV is about Women and Intersectionality. It features Kimberlé Crenshaw, Isabel Allende, Soheila Sokhanvari, Ruth Gates, and Saori Yoshida. In addition, we have three powerful commentaries on recent events, written by Emily Floyd, Larkin Stephanos, and Julianna Meneses.

Issue XIV is focused on Women’s History, in honor of Women’s History Month! We included a full list of figures, and our featured figure was movie star and inventor Hedy Lamarr! In addition, Women’s Awareness on Campus Club President Adriana Colon wrote a short article highlighting the Women’s Marches!

Issue XIII of Diversity Dispatch is focused on the Civil Rights Movement. We highlighted six important activists, some of whom you may not know. In addition, we wanted to recognize James Baldwin’s contributions to literature and Percy Lavon Julian’s contributions to science.

This issue focused on Black History during the Great Migration. We highlighted Augusta Savage, James Weldon Johnson, Marie M. Daly, and our Featured Figure is Paul Robeson. Additionally, we wanted to recognize Amanda Gorman’s spectacular Inaugural Poem. Senior Emma Dillard also wrote a short informative piece on Black Fraternities and Sororities for this issue.

Issue XI focuses on New Year Around the World. We feature short articles about New Year in different places and an in-depth commentary on the January 6th Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, by Julianna Meneses and Ethan Cho.

Issue X is a quick recap of the very interesting year 2020. We featured short writeups from various clubs on campus. In addition, we asked students to describe 2020 in one sentence, and got some very thought-provoking responses.

Issue IX focuses on Asian American History. This time, we start off with the commentary, by Julianna Meneses and Namratha Kasalanati, about the meaning of the term Asian, and colorism in the Asian community. Additionally, we feature figures such as Jung Lee, Mitski Miyawaki, Amar Bose, and our featured figure is historian and activist Dawn Mabalon.

In Issue VIII of Diversity Dispatch, we focus on African American History during the Pre-Civil War Period. We featured figures such as Maria W. Stewart, David Walker, Francis Johnson, and Edmonia Lewis. Also, we included a commentary by Campolindo student Namratha Kasalanati regarding diversifying reading choices.

Issue VII focuses on Native American Heritage! In this issue, we highlight the contributions of Native Americans/American Indians, featuring figures like Maria Tallchief, Simon J. Ortiz, Karenne Wood, Noah Billie, and Arnold Anderson. Additionally, we have included a powerful commentary by Campolindo student, Madison Sutherland on the treatment of Alaska Natives.

Our November 2nd issue focused specifically on Voting Rights. We highlighted six activists for voting rights for all people, and featured a timeline showing when certain groups got the right to vote and landmark cases for voting rights. Additionally we featured a commentary on voter suppression and intimidation by Larkin Stephanos, and a step by step guide on how to vote.

In honor of LGBTQ+ history month, we focused our fifth issue on LGBTQ+ history. Some of the individuals we highlighted included Fumie Suguri, Rosa Bonheur, Ben A. Barres, Pyotr Ilyrich Tchaikovsky, and our featured figure was Audre Lorde. In this issue, we featured a poignant commentary from Acalanes High School QSA President Emerson Brown, on the topic of pronouns.

Our fourth issue focused on Hispanic Heritage and Mental Health Awareness. Individuals such as Ellen Ochoa, Gloria Anzaldúa, Selena Gomez, Martine Gutierrez were recognized, and our featured figure was Dorothea Dix. Additionally, the Diversity Dispatch team wrote an editorial regarding President Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy.

Issue III focuses on Hispanic Heritage Awareness. Figures such as Ana Mendieta and Pablo Casals were highlighted in this issue, and our featured figure was Dolores Huerta. Additionally, this issue featured short opinion pieces from members of the Latinos Unidos club about Hispanic heritage and culture.

The theme of Issue II is physical disability Awareness. Some of the individuals we featured are Judith Scott, Stevie Wonder, and Haben Girma, and our featured figure is Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Our first issue of Diversity Dispatch was an introductory issue. We included figures such as Scott Joplin, Zanele Muholi, Maya Angelou, and our featured figure was Biddy Mason.