Get to Know Our Team!

Our writers and staff are all students from Campolindo high school, and we all would like to give you a kind welcome!

Namratha V. Kasalanati


Hi! I’m Namratha Kasalanati, the President and Founder of Diversity Dispatch. I coordinate all of the groups, but I also write parts of the “Events” and “Featured Figures” sections.

Emma Dillard

Hi! I am Emma Dillard and I am the commissioner for the Publications and Newsletter Management Team! This means I work on everything from the newsletter itself to the social media.

Sheila Teker

Hi, I’m Sheila! I usually write the “Featured Figure” articles, and help manage this website! I think it’s crucial that as youth, we begin to use our voices to emphasize the importance of diversity; share opinions, ideas, and smiles! 🙂 Even if we can’t change the whole world at once, we can all make our small corners of this planet just a bit brighter!

Angeni Lieben

I‘m really thankful for the opportunity to work on this newsletter! I mainly write for sections such as science and literature. I have learned so much from Diversity Dispatch; I hope you enjoy it as well!

Sadie Habas

Hi, I’m Sadie! I am a senior at Campolindo and I love to sing, exercise, read, watch Netflix, and spend time with my friends and family.

Jacqueline Artiaga

I am a senior this year and have been Co-Comissioner of Diversity since my junior year. I love movies with my favorites being Her, Loving Vincent, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Juliana Meneses

Since 6th grade, I have participated in orchestra, band and jazz, which has introduced me to a world in which differences do not separate people, but unite them towards a common goal. Diversity Dispatch allows me to share the beautiful music and different musicians’ stories that I have grown to love.

Lydia Osborn

Hey guys, my name’s Lydia. I’m a Junior at Campolindo and I swim competitively for Orinda Aquatics. I’m so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing team on Diversity Dispatch.

Skylar Wolff

I am a junior at Campolindo, a CAPA dancer, and I am also in Campo Drama.

Isabelle Lurie

I’m so glad I can contribute to this awesome newsletter! Being an editor is great because I can help with all subjects.

Annie Li

I’m Annie, a junior in high school and and I’m an editor for Diversity Dispatch! I think it’s essential that we use our voices to inform the community and raise awareness about the importance of diversity and similar issues. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and my hobbies include reading, debating, and cloudwatching.

Emily Floyd

I am a sophomore at Campolindo high school and I am a part of the music, visual art, and management team of Diversity Dispatch.

Ainsley Murphy

I love being part of this amazing club, and I am in the film group!

Adriana Colon

My name is Adriana Colón and I am a junior at Campolindo. I’m part of the publications team and manage another diversity club Women’s Awareness on Campus!

Sam Herzig

Hey, I’m Sam! I love writing and learning, and I’m super happy to be a part of the Diversity Dispatch writing team!

Abby Raphael

For the newsletter I write about Non Profit organizations. I love hearing about different groups in our district that work on things including mental health, racial equity, and women’s rights. I think it’s super important for people to know they have other people around them that are here to listen and support who they are and their rights.

Erin Koziel

I am part of the Literature and Editing subgroups of Diversity Dispatch. I love having the opportunity to work with my fellow students and to hear their ideas! Editing and visual presentation of information have always intrigued me.

Ashley Tsao

I’m Ashley Tsao, a junior, and I would like to spread diversity throughout the campus.

Ethan Cho

Hi, I’m Ethan and I’m an editor for Diversity Dispatch! I really enjoy working with the team we have here, although I’d love if more boys joined us too! You can catch me running for the cross country and track teams or playing cello in the orchestra or in the pit for the musical.