Opinion Submissions

Thank you for submitting an opinion piece to the Diversity Dispatch! We look forward to publishing your work!

The subject of your piece should be related to diversity, equity, or inclusion. We are interested in hearing your opinions about current events and your experiences on campus and in the community. We also would love to hear about your culture and heritage.

Please keep your submissions appropriate. Avoid hate speech and foul language.

Also, please include your full name and email, even if you want your work to be published anonymously. We want to be able to reach you regarding edits and publication details.

For anonymous submissions, please indicate how you would like to be identified: fully anonymous, or with a race/gender/sexuality/nationality/disability/grade etc. identifier (eg. “From the perspective of a junior”).

Please include a title for your work as well. You can change your title if necessary by sending us an email at campodiversitydispatch@gmail.com.

If you want us to publish your artwork or music regarding equity and diversity topics, please send us an email at campodiversitydispatch@gmail.com.